New year, new trends, new objectives in 2021

I share 6 main trends that offer opportunities to this new year. Plan is the first step to catch them.

1/ We will be flexible and adaptable

As in 2020, we must adapt and be imaginative to create ant catch new opportunities

2/ We will support one another

To create synergies, support other small businesses around us. I see the word for supporting restaurants, let’s expand this idea with all SME and entrepreneurs around us.

3/ We will empower ourselves

Need to find more options that we did in the past. Let’s be creative and look for new ways of doing things.

4/ We will remember to relax

It is important to take time to decompress. This will boost our creativity, allow us to spend more time with our loved ones and take care of us. A half day off for doing a walk in Nature.

5/ We will reconsider office spacePlan 2021 business objective, Excelliia Consult is there to support you

With the increase of home working, our vision of office space is changing. The trend to reduce space was already there with the changes of working from closed offices to open space, there is a trend for no work spaces. Let’s see how this trend will develop.

6/ We will get more creative with our marketing

We need to reinvent ourself and develop support that we have not worked with so far. Keep an open mind about how you attract customers and how you nurture those relationships.

There is a brighter year ahead.

Which objectives will you implement in 2021 ? Please share your mind and you plan as this is the best way to reach it.
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Dominique Nemery
Managing Director