High-performance Services in Compliance and Procedure Optimization

Excellia Consult is a privileged partner for a large range of services in the areas of compliance and procedure optimization for private and public financial institutions, at both national and international level.

Excellia Process phase

Interim Management and Business Coaching

Excellia Consult is a consulting company active in the financial and services sectors. Proposing a full range of services, we support the major actors of international finance and service companies in their projects. We also support SME as we are convinced that SME can also develop their potential but request and different approach than large companies.

More than just a partnership, our missions is the best opportunity to share experiences while creating added value. Because achieving goals is not enough, we are supporting our customers in their different development phases.

We focus our services on program and change management, compliance, interim management and supporting female board member initiative.

Excellia Consult is your sparring partner to support you and to challenge you and your projects.

alone you go fast, together you go far

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A global challenge, a local answer

“Over the course of 2010 to 2014 Excellia Consult provided us with consulting services, more specifically program and project management services to some of our key clients active in wealth management, retail banking and bancassurance, all leading global or European firms in their industry.

The high degree of professionalism combined with strong adaptability to our clients’ specificities and needs were two distinct aspects of the value we benefited from throughout the collaboration.
Our clients did not hesitate to reach out to us to ensure continuity in the said collaboration.

We would recommend Excellia Consult services to anyone looking for solid implication, client satisfaction and drive.”

Alain Tayenne - Director & General Manager Europe

Local and international

Excellia Consult supports your company on a daily basis on your local and international projects. We are based in Luxembourg but we can support you where your projects are.


Excellia Consult supports its customers over the long term. We adapt to your needs and timing by brining you the best practices of large groups adapted to the SME’s


Excellia Consult helps and provides premium quality services to SME’s. Thanks to a highly qualified team working in close collaboration we better understand your business and your challenges.



Looking for a sparring partner to help you with your various challenges requiring expertise and program and interim management?

You are in the right place. Our team is ready to support you in various areas such as Finance, Funds, IT and Services. 

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