Board Member – Independant Director

An independent board of directors is normally made of members who have no material interests in a company.

The purpose of an independent board is to make sure members are not influenced by interests in the company. They are there specifically to help a company run honestly and efficiently

Why a woman board member?

Many companies must include more women in their boards. A Harvard study shows that : When Women Are on Boards, Male CEOs Are Less Overconfident. Having women on the board results better acquisition and investment decisions and in less aggressive risk-taking, yielding benefits for shareholders.

If the European  Commission has proposed legislation with the aim of attaining a 40% objective of women in non-executive board-member positions in publicly listed companies, there is an exception of small and medium enterprises.

The SME can also benefit of the synergy of a mix board as a company with woman executive has more chances to improve its financial performance based on a study for Geneva University and HEC.

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