Program Management

Our team has a large experience in program management, leading and coaching project manager’s team.

Program vs Project


They are composed of interconnected projects. These project are implemented to achieve larger, long-term business objectives and strategic benefit to sustain an organizational growth.

Think of a program manager as a conductor who directs his/her orchester. While the conductor don’t play an instrument, they make sure all these instruments play together to create a beautiful symphony. The program manager’s role extends beyond the completion of individual projects to the long term realization of the whole program.

Project management by Excellia Consult

Their responsibilities include leading teams, implementing strategies, measuring ROI, and other big picture initiatives. A program manager’s duties might include overseeing collaboration across project teams and defining whether or not a problem must be reported to the upper management.


They are short term and focus on cost, resource budget and time constraints. Projects have a clear deadline and defined deliverables.

Project managers oversee the operations of individual projects within programs. They coordinate time, budget, and resources to complete work within program guidelines, and report to the program manager on progress and any changes made to the initial project plan. The role of the project manager is more tactical than the program manager.

Comparison Between Project and Program

MeaningIt refers to a specific scope with a short term view to create a product or a service.A set of interconnected project to attain combined benefit for reaching a strategic objective.
TimeShort termMid-Long term
ObjectiveSpecific deliverablesDefined benefits
SucessProduct or service quality, timing, respect of the budget, cost effectiveness, customerReach of the expected benefits and satisfaction